3 benefit of komorebi by MASHU

1. Haircut based on MASHU original method.
We analyze your bone structure and hair type from 28 different categories and suggest the best style for you.
2. Spa menu using MASHU original MOTHER EARTH hair care series.
It’s made from the tip top quality ingredients and the most clear deep seated groundwater in Japan.
3. Attractive menu and pricing for repeat customers.

Let your inner beauty grow with us

With MASHU’s original haircut technic and products, you can finally achieve the style you have always been dreaming of.
Our hair and head spa services grow your inner beauty


We wish you always be with beauty, always be with happy.
Happiness through beauty will be not only yours, it will make others to be happy & create positive power.
“komorebi by MASHU” wishes Singapore to be more cheerful & bright through our services to create attractive and confident ladies with own beauty.

from Osaka Japan

In MASHU group, there are a lot of stylists who experienced hair make on magazine and event. “komorebi by MASHU” opened in 2016 as the Singapore branch of beauty salon MASHU group which has 10 branches in Osaka.


There are Japanese stylist and Singaporean stylist. We propose the matching style to customer and, in Singapore, take worry and hope by friendly service like Osaka people.


TEL9028 1583

Business hours

10:00 - 19:00

Day off