Haircut by Creative Director(includes shampoo & blow)

  • Structure redefining haircut
    Haircut based on MASHU’s original system. We analyze your skull structure and hair type from 28 different categories to recommend the best style for you.

    FemaleS$90 MaleS$75

  • Structure redefining haircut + SPA
    Haircut by Molly Nishimori + 10 mins of quick hair spa

    FemaleS$120 MaleS$105

Haircut by Creative Master Stylist(includes shampoo & blow)

  • Personalized haircut
    Creative Master haircut with a creative touch. Achieve the style of your
    imagination with easy maintenance at home and longer lasting profile.

    FemaleS$65 MaleS$50

  • Personalized haircut + SPA
    Haircut by Joee Seah + 10 mins of quick hair spa

    FemaleS$95 MaleS$80

Hair colouring

  • Basic color
    We analyze your skin tone to customise a unique colour, it’s always an
    original colour which brings the most out of your beauty!

    SS$105 MS$120 LS$140 Super Long+S$20

  • Pre-lightening

    SS$80 MS$95 LS$105

  • Highlighting

    PointS$40 FullS$90〜280

  • + SPA
    + 10mins of quick hair spa



  • Standard perm


  • Point perm


  • Digital perm


  • Rebonding


  • + SPA
    + 10mins of quick hair spa



  • Quick treatment
    Quick damage repair. Can be added easily to any service such as hair spa,
    perm or colouring.

    SS$50 MS$60 LS$70

  • Personal treatment
    After performing a professional hair diagnostic, we will create a customised mix of active ingredients at their optimum concentration tailored for your hair only. Therefore it will address all your concerns about your hair such as ageing, sun or chemical damage as well as for the good maintenance of your hair colour & curls etc.

    SS$140 MS$160 LS$180

  • Mother Earth Treatment (Hair OR Scalp)
    Hair or Scalp treatment Inclusive of one MOTHER EARTH product from below:

    1) "Miracle" shampoo 300ml
    2) Scalp treatment 300ml
    3) Damage care treatment 300ml

    SS$80 MS$90 LS$100

  • Mother Earth Treatment perfect package (Hair AND Scalp)
    Perfect care for hair and scalp. Inclusive of MOTHER EARTH 3 months complete home care set. Reduce hair fall and grow healthy hair, salon finishing EVERYDAY! Package includes ALL items below:

    1) "Miracle" shampoo 300ml
    2) Scalp treatment 300ml
    3) Damage care treatment 300ml
    4) After Bath Emulsion 250ml
    5) UV protection oil 120ml)

    All lengthS$350

  • B by O Erucalactone treatment
    Erucalactone is newly discovered, natural based ingredient for cuticle repair. Witness dramatic healing effect without the damage rebonding can cause. Create mirror-like shine as it takes away the frizz, entanglement and stiffness on your hair for up to an amazing 1 - 3 months!

    SS$280 MS$320 L S$360

B by O Erucalactone ticket(Sharable with friends and family)

  • 5 tickets
    Valid for 2 years

    SS$800 MS$928 LS$1044

  • 10 tickets
    Valid for 2 years

    SS$1400 MS$1600 LS$1800

komorebi signature hair spa

  • Scalp care
    Increase blood flow with neck, shoulder, scalp massage and steaming. One of the key reason for hair loss and greying hair is due to poor blood circulation. Stimulate blood flow with the high concentration of CO2 foam and acupressure on your meridian points.


  • Wash and blow only

    SS$30 MS$40 LS$50

  • All our hair spa is using MOTHER EARTH shampoo and treatment.

  • All our hair treatments are using cutting-edge treatment products from ARIMINO, Japan.

  • All inserted charges are prices with tax.

  • You can use cash and various credit cards (VISA・MASTER)


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